Creative Block

When creative block strikes, rearrange your craft room! That's what I did this weekend. I sat down to scrapbook a few times and I just wasn't feeling it. I wasn't in love with the page I did complete and I just couldn't bring myself to glue anything to the paper. So instead I set to work on rearranging the room and cleaning out some clutter. I noticed that my cardstock was starting to bow the shelf it was on and my ink pads were cramped and I often lost my paper trimmer under other stuff because it was on my primary working table.

Now I realize that I haven't shown you my stamping space since July 2007 and it had changed quite a bit since then. I did post some pictures of how my space looked in April 2008 on SCS.

I started by disassembling my Antonius cart that holds my stamps and cardstock scraps. I wanted to move it to the corner and I can't move it with the drawers in it. That's also where my computer printer sits. And there's my sewing machine.....which used to be upstairs, but is now going to live in the basement, too.

And here you can see I moved the white cubes and shelves from the side wall to the back wall. The tables are pretty much where they were before, the Antonius cart is in the corner and the printer is back on top. I had to leave the rails where they were since they're screwed into the wall. And they were sort of the problem any way since they did leave much room on the top of the white unit, which is where my ink pads were.

And here is the finished product! It's so clean! I turned one of my tables and put it up against the wall, leaving enough space to be able to pull the drawers of the cart out. That's where my paper tirmmer, Stampin' Scrub, Post-It Notes, and markers will sit. I put the other table perpendicular to the first and that will be my primary working table. Ignore the stacks of mini catalogs on the table. They're waiting for me to put labels on them. I put my cardstock on the top of the white unit, so I don't have to worry about how heavy it is on the lower shelf. I also stacked my ink pads on the top shelf (since I have yet to actually buy an ink caddy). On the lower shelf I put my 12 x 12 cardstock and DSP which was usually in the plastic caddy that is up against the wall. Now it's within easy reach. I put the trash can off the side of the working table (even though it's not pretty) because I could easily slide trash off the table into the can.

I have yet to stamp with the arrangement, so I hope it works. Otherwise I'll be rearranging again!


erin said...

Where did you get that stool?? I love that and have been looking for something JUST like it. Please tell... :)