My Temporary Workspace

So we're in sunny Miami, FL right now for hubby's job. I love it here. It's 80 degrees almost every day!!! There's no snow!!!! There are a few downsides, though. Number one is I don't have internet access like I'm used to. We have to pack up the laptops and go down to the lobby and sign in for the public space. Then we have to wait upstairs outside the public space for someone to let us in. Now this isn't really a big deal, except I was kind of counting on the internet for recipes and directions. So we really have to plan ahead. Another draw back is the table space (or lack thereof). We have a small breakfast table and a coffee table. The breakfast table has a bunch of grooves in it, which doesn't make it conducive for stamping, so I'm forced to use the coffee table. There's not much space on the coffee table, but at least it's a flat surface. I either stack up the pillows and sit on the floor (until my feet fall asleep) or I still on the footstool and work (until my back starts to hurt from leaning over).

Also I was limited on what I could bring, so I have very few stamp sets here. I'm dying!!!!! I finished my Christmas cards and I've done some scrapbooking, but I'm desperate for different stamps! I just think of all those wonderful sets that I left at home and it breaks my heart!!! My hubby asked me if I stamped today and my reply was "No! I wasn't inspired by my stamps today." How sad is that? And the biggest bummer is that the new catalog is coming out next month and I can't get any stamps because we aren't receiving mail here. That also means that my new catalog isn't coming to me here!!!!!!!! Oh, the humanity!!!!! We're actually supposed to be out of this condo and moving on the 10th of January, but we're thinking of staying here. And I'm thinking of heading over to the UPS store to get me a mailing address!!!!


Anonymous said...

WOW! No fair!! it's snowing and soooo very cold here!! Enjoy your time there and Happy Holidays to you friend!!