After being in Miami for two months, hubby and me decided to move out of the condo we were renting and into a Marriott. There were several deciding factors. The condo was great because it was on the beach, but it also had flaws. The bed was uncomfortable, there was no internet, and there wasn't much space. So we decided not to renew our lease there and give the Marriott a try. It is closer to hubby's work, has internet, and we were able to get a one-bedroom suite. As soon as we got into the unit I called dibs on the big work station. There are two tables. One small and one big. I was happy as a clam!!! This is me calling dibs on the table............And I unpacked quickly!!! Something I was not able to do in the condo. I think this will suffice for the next three weeks until we head back home!!! Oh, and another bonus of the Marriott...we can get mail!! So I have two new stamp sets heading my way. They should be here Wednesday and I know I won't be able to resist them!!!!!!!!! I'll have something new to share!!!!