Had some fun today

I wanted to make something for the gals on my bowling team, so I thought I'd do some etching. I got each of them a votive holder and I picked a different flower for each of them. These are really easy to do (but very hard to photograph). Emboss your image on the glass (any color embossing powder is fine) just like you would on paper. It will take longer to heat the glass than paper, so be patient. After your embossing powder is set you're ready to etch. If you aren't going to put the cream over the entire surface of the glass than you'll want to mask off the areas you don't want etching cream on. Put a decent amount of etching cream on the surface and let it sit for about 7-10 minutes. After the time is up you can scrape the excess etching cream back into the container (you'll want to do this as the etching cream isn't cheap). Then rinse your glass and rub off the embossing to reveal your image.