Color Rennovation

You wanted retired In Colors to come back?

There are several colors in the core 48 colors you don't like?

You want new In Colors to stick around for more than 1 year?

Well, guess, what!  You get it!  Stampin' Up! announced a renovation to the core colors they offer.  There will be 4 color collections with 10 colors each.  25 of those colors are carryover colors (colors from current color families).  10 of those are returning In Colors.  5 are new colors.

Just think of all the fresh and new color combinations you can make!!  Here's a chart of what the new color collections will be.  This will get your brain juices flowing!!

And if you are can't live without some of the colors that are on their way out you have until the end of June to stock up.  Here's a chart of the colors that will be leaving us.  I know there are a few that are on my "must stock up on" list!